The use of Guiyang anticorrosive wood reduces the effect of room temperature

2020-09-08 17:00:00

The use of Guiyang anticorrosive wood reduces the effect of room temperature:

The use of anticorrosive wood in Guiyang has increased the useful life and field of wood, thereby reducing the energy crisis and the greenhouse effect. Fossil energy such as oil and coal are non-renewable forms of resources. As mentioned above, if the reserves are estimated at the current rate of consumption, the sustainable time is very limited. What kind of energy will human beings use to maintain their survival in the future? In addition, a large amount of greenhouse gases are produced when humans burn fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. These include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen dioxide, which keep the earth warming.

This will force human beings and all living things to face a new environmental condition, and under this new environmental condition, whether human beings and other living things will survive or how will they survive. This will be a huge challenge. The increasing trend of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is very rapid, and the speed does not remain constant, but shows a gradual increase trend.

The raw material of Guiyang anticorrosive wood, the forest converts carbon dioxide and water into biomass and releases oxygen during photosynthesis, so it can absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide. This effect is called the "carbon sequestration effect" of forests. It is estimated that the production of It biomass needs to absorb 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide and release 1.2 tons of oxygen. Through the carbon sequestration effect of forests, the greenhouse effect can be mitigated. However, while the forest performs photo-mediated effects, the forest also undergoes respiration to consume part of the biomass and release a certain amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the actual fixed carbon of the forest is the difference between the two parts.