The company was founded in 2005, and its main industries involve anti-corrosion wood gallery frames, anti-corrosion wood gates, anti-corrosion wood bridges, anti-corrosion wood floors, anti-corrosion wood fences, anti-corrosion wooden houses, anti-corrosion wood pavilions, anti-corrosion wood guardrails, anti-corrosion wood swings, anti-corrosion wood Windmills, carbonized wood, ecological wood, fiberglass shingles (asphalt shingles), outdoor furniture, garden sketches, fir, pine sauna boards, outdoor weathering wood oil and other products. And all kinds of imported wood processing such as: pineapple grid wood, mountain camphor wood, silver mouth wood, willow eucalyptus wood, Finnish wood, American southern pine, Douglas fir, etc. Brand-new business philosophy: The company adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, honesty, cooperation and win-win", and is committed to building modern urban landscape gardens and improving outdoor living environment.

  Main products: Russian pine, anticorrosive wood, charring wood, southern pine, pineapple grid, Liuan wood and other outdoor landscape woods.

  We have a professional anti-corrosion wood engineering related construction team, mainly engaged in the construction of various anti-corrosion wood engineering and large-scale landscaping projects. Including anti-corrosion wood pavilion, anti-corrosion wooden house, anti-corrosion wood flower stand, anti-corrosion wood gallery, anti-corrosion wood guardrail, anti-corrosion railing, anti-corrosion wooden table and chairs, anti-corrosion wood flower box, anti-corrosion wood plank road, anti-corrosion wooden bridge, ancient building doors and windows, anti-corrosion wood garbage Design, production, installation and maintenance of various outdoor anticorrosive wood products such as boxes, bucket arches, carvings, wooden boats and bamboo floors, and wooden landscapes.