Preliminary analysis on the influence of material selection on anticorrosive performance of Guiyang anticorrosive wood

2020-09-08 16:30:39

Guiyang anticorrosive wood analysis of the influence of material selection on its anticorrosive performance:

Anti-corrosion wood is often used in outdoor decoration because of its special anti-corrosion properties. However, the material of anti-corrosion wood will also affect its anti-corrosion performance, so everyone should pay attention to the selected material when buying anti-corrosion wood. As there are still relatively few anticorrosive wood manufacturers in Guizhou, it is inevitable that some non-standard factory selection will use non-dried boards, and cut corners to reduce costs. If the internal quality of anti-corrosion wood is not only not guaranteed, but also cracks, size reduction, etc. will occur during use, so consumers must repeatedly compare when buying anti-corrosion wood, so that they can buy real high-quality, Preservative wood with high corrosion resistance.

After the wood is treated with preservatives, the stability of different preservatives is quite different. After pressure treatment, its stability in the wood is also quite different. The use of preservatives of poor quality will improve the preservative performance of the wood. There is not much improvement, on the contrary it will cause major potential harm. Anticorrosive wood is generally made by pressure in a vacuum tank. The wood is processed and disposed into a closed pressure anticorrosion tank, and the antiseptic agent is pressed into the wood with vacuum pressure. In general, the penetration of pine wood should be no less than 15mm, and the penetration of cedar should be no less than 20mm. The penetration depth of the preservative will also affect its anti-corrosion performance, so we can distinguish according to these standards when purchasing The quality of anticorrosive wood is good or bad.