How to maintain Finnish wood

2020-09-08 17:57:48 hongling

How to maintain Finnish wood

      Finnish wood also needs regular maintenance, so that when it is found that the surface of Finnish wood is damaged, it can be solved in time. Many people only know the cleanliness of the surface. Wipe it with a rag and it will be finished. Knowing how to maintain Finnish wood products at a deeper level, Yunnan Kunming Finnish Wood has compiled some simple maintenance methods for you so that you can better maintain Yunnan Kunming Finnish Wood.

      1. Periodic maintenance

      Set a maintenance cycle. Generally, you can choose to maintain once every six months. Observe from the outside whether there are scratches, cracks, etc. on the surface of the wood, and then reapply the wood wax oil. If the problem is found, the problem should be dealt with in time. When the problem is serious, the treatment is easy Affect the service life of Yunnan Kunming Finnish wood.

      Second, do a good job of polishing the surface

     After a period of use, Finnish wood floors are prone to scratches due to some sharp furniture friction. At this time, we have to choose sandpaper for fine sanding. After sanding, use a brush to clean up the residue.

     Three, brush wood wax oil

     Soft cloth is the most traditional way to apply wood wax oil. There are two types of painting. Wiping can save wood wax oil, and at the same time, the effect is very good. If it is a large area treatment, it is recommended to use brushing. Dilute the wood wax oil and apply easily, and can prevent the brush from being too thick. Use soft cloth that does not shed hair or fade.