Use of anticorrosive wood outdoor plank road

2020-09-08 17:55:19 hongling

Use of anticorrosive wood outdoor plank road

      Anti-corrosion wood plank road, as the name suggests, has a strong anti-corrosion effect, so it is used as a material for outdoor flooring. Kunming anticorrosive wood floor can prevent the erosion of microorganisms and moths, while being waterproof and antiseptic, it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment without bothering to take care of it.

      However, as an anticorrosive wood for outdoor use, its own thermal expansion and contraction have not been specially controlled, so there will be certain deformation. When laying anticorrosive wood floors, it usually needs to be made into a floor with gaps, and it is framed like a hollow one, which can be opened at will to facilitate cleaning or picking up fallen things.

      Anticorrosive wood plank road is one of the main uses of Kunming anticorrosive wood. In addition, Kunming anticorrosive wood can also be used to make other outdoor products, such as tables and chairs, swings, grape racks, wooden houses, like our families abroad It is common in the courtyard. Nowadays, more and more people in China are living in wooden villas. It is also a kind of fun to set up some anticorrosive wood furniture in their yards.

      The price of imitation rotten wood outdoor products is not expensive, and it is the people-friendly route. Although it looks rough and old, it is more in line with the natural style, and it has been widely accepted by consumers in recent years.