Why should preservative wood be coated with wood wax oil

2020-09-08 15:00:41 hongling

In life and on the journey, you will see landscape projects made of anti-corrosion wood. As long as you pay attention, everyone should see paints like paint on these anti-corrosion wood products. So what is this? It is wood wax oil, which can deeply moisturize and maintain wood. It can replace paint for home decoration and outdoor garden woodware. Today, I will explain to you what you need to pay attention to when using wood wax oil.

      Wood wax oil is a kind of natural plant wood coating. It is a new type of wood maintenance and decorative paint made by natural plant oil and plant wax as the base material, extracted by modern science and technology, and filtered through three layers. Any toxic and harmful substances; harmless, durable, rub-resistant, stain-resistant, mildew-proof, waterproof, stable performance, bright and long-lasting, noble and elegant, easy to paint, and affordable.

      1. Some tools need to be prepared: brush, soft cloth, sand holder. At the same time, you need to prepare sandpaper and some rubber gloves. All these things need to be prepared.

      2. Some skills are needed when applying Kunming anticorrosive wood. Soft cloth application is the most traditional way, and the other is wipe. The advantage of wipe is that it can save wood wax oil. The effect is also good, if it is large For the treatment of the area, brushing is recommended here, because the common wax oil content is high, when the brush is applied, a thinner needs to be added for dilution. The dilution is for easy brushing, and also to prevent the brushing from being too thick and taking time More, soft cloth is in accordance with the standard of no lint and no fading.

      3. The surface of Kunming anticorrosive wood needs to be polished, so you must choose to polish it along the wood grain, and slowly increase the fineness of the sandpaper, and clean it with a brush after completion.

      The emergence of wood wax oil has changed the inferiority of the past paint. In the past, there was no paint that prevented the shell from falling off under the sun and rain. Most of them have a useful life. The paint used in the past was used outdoors, and it can protect wood for about 1 year, which is already very good. So in about 1 year, wood products need to be polished and repainted. Now the emergence of wood wax oil, in the case of outdoor sun and rain, generally can protect the wood for 3-4 years without peeling off the shell.