Different material anticorrosive wood, different price

2020-09-08 16:28:37 hongling

Anticorrosive wood price-formation principle

      To understand the price of Yunnan preservative wood, we must first understand the formation principle of Yunnan preservative wood. Yunnan anticorrosive wood is the penetration and solidification of ordinary wood by artificially adding chemical preservatives to make it anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, insect-proof, waterproof, and mildew-proof. There is also a kind of deep carbonized wood of preservative wood without preservatives. Carbonized wood is to carbonize the effective nutrients of the wood and achieve the purpose of preserving by cutting off the nutrient chain for the survival of decaying bacteria.

      Anticorrosive wood price-overview

      There are many types of Yunnan preservative wood, the most common ones are: pineapple grid preservative wood, southern pine preservative wood, willow eucalyptus preservative wood, Douglas fir preservative wood, Pinus sylvestris preservative wood and so on. There are so many kinds of preservative wood, of course, the price of preservative wood is also different, the wood is different, and the price of preservative wood is relatively different. Here are some common Yunnan preservative wood and the price of preservative wood.

      Preservative wood price-Pinus sylvestris preservative wood

      Pinus sylvestris anticorrosive wood is the majority on the market today. Pinus sylvestris anticorrosive wood adopts high-pressure infiltration method for full-section anticorrosion treatment. Pinus sylvestris anticorrosive wood has a wide range of applications, such as pavilions and patios, wooden planks, pavilions, pavilions, corridors, flower shelf fences, trails, docks, children's play areas, flower stands , Trash cans, outdoor furniture and outdoor environment, etc. can be used. Due to its unique anti-corrosion technology, all architectural works can be stored for a long time. The price of preservative wood of Pinus sylvestris is RMB 2,100/cubic.

      Anticorrosive wood price-Douglas fir anticorrosive wood

      Before understanding the price of Douglas fir anticorrosive wood, first understand Douglas fir planks, Douglas fir planks can be used for roofs, wall and ceiling structures, frame structures, eaves, balconies, doors and windows, and facade elements. Douglas fir board has a grain structure that makes it very popular in the manufacture or use of parquet flooring, furniture, and paneling for veneer furniture. After Douglas fir has been treated with anticorrosive treatment, many Douglas fir anticorrosive wood is used. It is understood that the price of Douglas fir anticorrosive wood is RMB 2008/cubic.

      Preservative wood price-pineapple grid preservative wood

      Pineapple grid is the most stable wood among the existing wood flooring. Pineapple grids with large diameters have reddish and darker roots and better quality; pineapple grids with small diameters have yellower and lighter tops and better color. Pineapple grid can also be treated with preservatives, and pineapple grid preservative wood is also the most common type on the market. Currently, the price of pineapple grid anticorrosive wood is 9,000 yuan/cubic.