Southern Pine Anticorrosive Wood You Don't Know

2020-09-08 16:40:46 hongling

Southern Pine Anticorrosive Wood You Don't Know

   The advantages of Changsha anticorrosive wood are self-evident, including durability, environmental protection, high stability, high moisture resistance, easy maintenance and so on. Therefore, anticorrosive wood is widely used for flower stands, pavilions or outdoor floors. Today, I will introduce the advantages of the preservative wood southern pine:

    Ponderosa pine (southern pine) has the best strength and specific gravity, has excellent nail holding power, and is the strongest western cork. After anticorrosion and pressure treatment, the antiseptic can reach the wood core. It can be cut at will during the installation process. The section does not need to be painted with anticorrosive paint. The product can be used in seawater or river water without corrosion.

    Southern pine grows in the southern United States from East Texas to Virginia. Southern pine or Southern yellow pine is the general name of four main tree species, namely short-leaf pine, long-leaf pine, slash pine and loblolly pine. High strength and durability, the water content is normally limited to 19% or less, and the nail holding power is good. Southern pine is an ideal tree species for pressure treatment, so southern pine is an ideal material for making plank roads, terraces and outdoor floors. The anti-corrosion treatment of southern pine does not affect its processing performance. Even if exposed to wind and rain, or floor contact or used in high temperature areas, it is not perishable.

     The anticorrosive wood southern pine after pressure treatment can be used for: decks, patios, wooden piers, fences, outdoor furniture, terraces, promenades, bridges, bottom plates, store signs, flower pots, benches, amusement facilities, etc.