How long does it take to dry the anticorrosive wood spray paint!

2020-09-08 16:35:59 hongling

How long does it take to dry the anticorrosive wood spray paint!

The following editor will introduce to you how long it takes to dry the anticorrosive wood spray paint!

Ensure that the surface temperature and the ambient temperature during construction are above 10℃, and the drying time is above 48 hours. If it is used on a wet surface or the entire temperature is lower than 50°C during 48 hours of use, it will produce a situation similar to grease or stickiness. The price of Shenyang anticorrosive wood suggests that it needs to withstand greater pressure or frequent friction, and the paint film needs to be dried for more than 30 days. Drying is at least 48 hours or more, but the drying should be adjusted appropriately according to the temperature and temperature.

Easily eliminate mildew, mildew, algae and rot and damage caused by summer sunlight, and restore the wood's beautiful, natural and tough qualities. Put rags, brushes, and waste materials into a metal container filled with water immediately after use. Shenyang anticorrosive wood price reminds you to do a small test before starting construction. In use, most of the bright colors need to be brushed less.

But for dark colors, you need to brush three less. Shake all products of one color before use to ensure uniform color. Anticorrosive wood landscape material protection coating is waterproof, anti-mold, Shanghai landscape gardening, to prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays from harming wood. The price of Shenyang preservative wood suggests that preservative wood uses an insoluble water-based preservative.