Several matters needing attention in the construction of anticorrosive wood fence

2020-09-08 16:38:01 hongling

Several matters needing attention in the construction of anticorrosive wood fence

The first-class anticorrosive wood fence has the characteristics of healthy raw materials, safe and environmentally friendly production process, long service life, beautiful appearance, and deep cultural heritage, so it is widely used in modern construction and decoration industries. When purchasing valuable anticorrosive wood fences, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's strength, test documents, and choose according to the use occasion. Similarly, its installation and construction also have some precautions. Let's understand it together.

Several matters needing attention in the construction of anticorrosive wood fence

Anticorrosive wood fences used outdoors should be placed outdoors and dried until the humidity is consistent with the external environment before construction. If the moisture content of the anticorrosive wood fence is too large, it may cause the wood to crack or deform.

At the construction site, the anticorrosive wood fence should be ventilated and stored as much as possible, and avoid direct sunlight. Because the wooden fence at this time has not been coated with a certain anti-sneak coating, direct sunlight has a greater impact on its performance.

When building a terrace with anticorrosive wood fences, try to choose some long planks. The load-bearing capacity of the terrace is relatively high, and the requirements for the quality of the fence are also high. The use of long planks can minimize the connection and virtually improve the stability of the terrace fence.

For the connection between different anticorrosive wood fences, galvanized alloy or stainless steel and other hardware should be used as the connection piece as much as possible. Different metal pieces must not be used to avoid rust at the connection and affect the wooden structure of the wood fence.

During the construction process of the anticorrosive wood fence, if drilling and connection are required, an electric drill must be used for professional drilling and fixed with screws and other devices to avoid cracking of the drilling.

Although the anti-corrosion wood fence has certain anti-corrosion performance, after the construction is basically completed, a certain amount of wood protective paint must be painted on its surface to ensure its anti-ultraviolet function and strengthen its anti-bacterial, anti-termite or anti-mildew functions.

The above mentioned are some precautions during the construction of anticorrosive wood fence. In addition, in the final application of protective paint, the protective paint should be fully shaken before using it. In addition, it must be painted on a sunny day to ensure that the fence can have a 24-hour drying time after painting to ensure that the surface of the anticorrosive wood fence is formed The protective film is conducive to subsequent performance.