What are the points to pay attention to when installing anticorrosive wood flooring

2020-09-08 16:55:03 hongling

What are the points to pay attention to when installing anticorrosive wood flooring

There are many small common senses about daily maintenance of anticorrosive wood floors, and people also understand how to protect them normally. However, there are many precautions during installation, and they are more important, including how to place raw materials before installation, suitable environment during installation, and installation Whether to paint later, etc., are important points that cannot be ignored. Let's learn more about the points that need to be paid attention to when installing a reasonably priced anticorrosive wood floor.

What are the points to pay attention to when installing anticorrosive wood flooring

1. At the anticorrosive wood floor construction site, the wood should be ventilated to avoid long-term sun exposure and cracking, and avoid excessive moisture and corrosion. Similarly, when preparing for paving outdoors, you should wait until the environment is relatively dry before construction.

2. Try to use anti-corrosion wood floors processed to the final size. The anti-corrosion effect of wood floors is determined by the distribution of preservatives, and the distribution of preservatives in the wood is gradually decreasing from the outside to the inside, so it is necessary to minimize the cutting of wood. In order to ensure that the anti-corrosion effect is as high as possible. If wood must be cut and sawed, the sawing surface should be coated with preservatives, and this end should be used as far as possible where it is not in contact with soil and water for a long time.

3. Anti-corrosion fasteners should be used for all connection points of anticorrosive wood floors. It can be hot-dip galvanized fasteners or stainless steel hardware. These materials are not easy to rust and can well protect the entire structure of anticorrosive wood from damage.

4. Paint the anti-corrosion wood floor. Painting will help protect the wooden floor for a long time and increase its service life. When painting, wait until the wood surface is dry before painting. Paint outdoor wood on the anti-corrosion wood surface after installation. Protective oil (natural plant wood wax oil), with its strong permeability, can penetrate deeply into the wood, produce capillary action with wood fibers, and bind for a long time. It can resist ultraviolet radiation, waterproof, moisture and mildew.

Branded anti-corrosion wood flooring is usually used on outdoor floors, but don’t neglect management or care less just because it is installed outdoors. Installing anti-corrosion wood flooring is technical and patient work. Listen more to the opinions of professional construction personnel. Can have a deeper understanding of anti-corrosion wood flooring installation, making it a beautiful outdoor scenery.