How does Guiyang anticorrosive wood ensure that the anticorrosive wood flower box is durable?

2020-09-08 16:57:55

How does Guiyang anticorrosive wood ensure that the anticorrosive wood flower box is durable?

Whether the outdoor wooden flower box is durable, how to ensure that it will not loosen in the short term, these questions seem simple, but if you are not in the industry, you definitely don't know the real answer. Our company is a company specializing in the sales of Guizhou anticorrosive wooden flower boxes. , I will share my experience with you today, hoping to help our friends.

In order to ensure the stable structure and durability of the flower box outdoors, we recommend the following production methods:

1. First use metal (steel pipe or angle steel) to weld the frame, the best metal is to choose the one that is not easy to rust, and then add solid wood (this is like building a frame structure house). The flower box made in this way is one It is a solid structure, but beautiful and corrosion-resistant. No matter if enough soil is filled in the flower box, it will not be deformed and loose after being moved or squeezed many times. The flower box of pure solid wood structure usually uses tenoning or screws. Splicing has poor stability under force.

2. If the flower box is to be filled with soil for planting, it is recommended to carry out FRP anti-corrosion treatment in the flower box, so that not only the water and soil will not directly contact the solid wood and metal parts and cause corrosion, but also use FRP to make several single roots. The wooden boards are cemented into a whole. It plays a role of strengthening and strengthening, and the single board will not loosen.

3. You can also choose to make a glass fiber reinforced plastic container in the flowerpot to hold the soil for planting. This quality will be better. But you can't choose a white iron container because it is easy to be rusted.

4. In order to ensure the structure of the outdoor flower box is solid and stable. It is recommended that the product is assembled before leaving the factory, and it is not recommended to assemble on the site because the site does not have sufficient production conditions.

The editor of Guiyang Anticorrosive Wood here recommends that you use camphor wood, spinach and other preferred outdoor garden tree species, because the wood of these tree species is hard and has excellent weather resistance outdoors, which has been recognized by the world. Anticorrosive wood can also be used, However, many anti-corrosion woods on the market have average anti-corrosion effects. And anti-corrosion wood (usually pine) has soft wood and poor hardness. We recommend that you choose a professional anti-corrosion wood sales company to buy materials, and our company is such a company. Customers are welcome to come to consult related knowledge and purchase products.