Why is carbonized wood environmentally friendly?

2020-09-08 17:01:28

Why is carbonized wood environmentally friendly? The editor of Guizhou Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale will tell you:

In addition to the characteristics of wood, Guizhou carbonized wood has the characteristics of high stability, high corrosion resistance and higher price than ordinary wood products, which determines that Guizhou carbonized wood is very suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor materials are considered to meet functional requirements. In addition, special attention is paid to its visual effects. Guizhou carbonized wood can be used in municipal engineering applications in addition to villa materials and garden landscapes.

High-temperature heat treatment of wood (commonly known as carbonized wood in the Guizhou market) is to place the wood in a high-temperature (usually 160℃-220℃) environment for a long time pyrolysis treatment, by reducing the concentration of the base in the wood component, reduce The hygroscopicity and internal stress of small wood achieve the purpose of increasing the dimensional stability of wood; at the same time, the wood components undergo a complex chemical reaction during the high-temperature heat treatment process, which changes certain components of the wood and reduces the decay of wood. Nutrients inhibit the growth of fungi in wood from this link in the food chain. The complex chemical reactions that occur in wood also produce some toxins that are harmful to decaying bacteria, which can poison the decaying bacteria and protect the wood.

Deep carbonized anti-corrosion wood is a truly green and environmentally friendly product. Although the product has anti-corrosion and insect-proof properties, it does not contain any harmful substances. This not only improves the service life of the wood, but also will not be used in the production process and waste disposal after use. There are any negative effects on the human body, animals and the environment.