The use of carbonized wood in garden construction

2020-09-08 17:54:15

The use of carbonized wood in garden construction

Guiyang anticorrosive wood-carbonized wood is processed through anaerobic high temperature technology. The principle is to kill the nutrients required by fungi in the wood fiber through high temperature to achieve the purpose of antiseptic. Carbonized wood is often used in landscape construction.

1. The characteristics of carbonized wood

1. The color is light brown with an antique appearance;

2. Due to high temperature treatment, all the grease has been decomposed and volatilized, so the vision and touch are good;

3. Good dimensional stability. Due to the reduced water absorption of carbonized wood, the phenomenon of wet expansion and shrinkage is reduced, and the weakness of ordinary wood that is easy to deform and crack is overcome;

4. Environmental protection: As carbonized wood only needs high temperature treatment without adding any chemicals, it can be in wide contact with the body without any harm to the environment;

5. It has antiseptic function. Because the high temperature kills the nutrients needed by fungi, it can effectively resist the erosion of fungi;

Second, the use of carbonized wood

Outdoor wall panels, floors, gardening sketches, indoor floors, kitchen decoration, sauna decoration, furniture and many other aspects. Green environmental protection, moisture-proof, non-cracking carbonized wood is wood processed by high-temperature carbonization technology of about 200 degrees. Because its nutrients are destroyed, it has better anti-corrosion and insect-preventing functions. Because its water-absorbing functional group hemicellulose is reorganized, the product has Good physical properties.

1. Carbonized anticorrosive wood originated from Europe and has a record of decades of use. The famous Lyon Opera House adopted a fully carbonized anticorrosive wood structure in 1997.

2. Carbonized anticorrosive wood is safe and environmentally friendly. It is a completely environmentally friendly anti-corrosion and insect-proof wood without any preservatives or chemical additives, and has good anti-corrosion and insect-proof functions. No special smell, no side effects on connecting parts and metal parts, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Carbonized anticorrosive wood is not easy to absorb water, has low moisture content, and is non-cracking wood. Moisture resistant, not easy to deform. It is an excellent moisture-proof wood.

4. Deep carbonized anticorrosive wood has good processing performance and overcomes the ills of product surface fluffing. After complete degreasing treatment, coating is convenient.

5. The color of the carbonized anticorrosive wood is the same inside and outside, soft and silky, and the texture becomes clearer. Feel warm