Guizhou anticorrosive wood wholesale teaches you to match a good-looking pavilion

2020-09-08 17:05:49

Guizhou Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale Editor teaches you how to match a nice pavilion:

As a good place for people to enjoy the cool in summer, the pavilion must not only be well-designed, but also must be exquisite. Today, our Guizhou Anticorrosive Wood Company teaches you how to match a good-looking pavilion.

When matching the anticorrosive wood pavilion, pay attention to the use ratio of different colors and materials, and avoid even distribution. Only by focusing and embellishment can achieve the most harmonious decorative effect. When building the pavilion, choose anticorrosive wood with a slightly yellow or gray color. It looks a bit of a taste of years, a bit of the feeling of recurring yesterday, low-gloss silver, semi-old silver paint decoration, there is a heavy sense of history, interpretation of low-key gorgeousness, and a nostalgic elegance Fashion. Take the preservative wood pavilions in the English countryside as an example. They emphasize the simplicity, simplicity and simplicity. The lines are casual but clean and concise. The simplified partial carvings and the velvet or silk fabrics with floral patterns present a kind of elegance and elegance. An expensive gesture.

Under the influence of the neo-classical style, a large number of silk, velvet and handmade lace have been used in anti-corrosion wood, and the concept of fashion has been introduced into the design of anti-corrosion wood, creating a modern and fashionable anti-corrosion wood that is low-key, elegant and close to the trend. Suitable for matching warmth The fireplace and the plain crystal lamp. Classical anti-corrosion wood highlights the elegant nobility, and loves to use decorative lines and carved mahogany. You can often see carved wooden intarsia patterns, giving people the feeling of calm and nobleness. The shell flower carvings on the edge of the side table, the elegant lines of the legs, and the elegant armchairs, the simple colors cleverly highlight the gorgeous and noble space.