The methods needed to pass the quality of preservative wood

2020-09-08 17:48:51 hongling

The methods needed to pass the quality of preservative wood

The technical specifications for anti-corrosion wood make the construction party pay attention to product quality. After 10 years of rapid development in my country's wood anti-corrosion industry, more than 40 standards have been promulgated and implemented, and the standards have been gradually improved. When used as the main structural part of a construction project, it must be treated with anticorrosion:

1. Immersed in fresh water, sea water or salt water;

2. Buried in soil, masonry or concrete;

3. Long-term exposure outdoors;

4. Long-term in a poorly ventilated and often humid environment;

5. Wood or tree species that have a load-bearing structure and are perishable or pests.

Wood is a green, low-carbon and sustainable home building material among the four major materials. It has the characteristics of "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recyclability" as a green building material. At the same time, anti-corrosion treated wood can improve the durability of wood and expand the application range of wood. It can be widely used in gardens and landscapes and wood structure buildings. Anti-corrosion wood will be a very important green building material product in the field of wood building materials.